TAPE 266

Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 3 hrs (2 DVD)

MSG - 7/30/83 (Pretty darn good card from MSG, with several solid bouts. The best part is that I've got a 1st gen convert, so VQ is EX!)
Tony Garea vs Iron Mike Sharpe (Interesting to see how a match like this was able to draw in the MSG crowd and get them heated up. Today's fan would boo stuff like this out of the building without a second thought.) Ivan Koloff vs SD Jones Invaders vs Jeff Craney & Gypsy Rodriguez (Ugh, sloppy match) Big John Studd vs Sal Bellomo Don Muraco vs Jimmy Snuka (Wow, did the MSG fans want Muraco dead) Sgt. Slaughter vs Swede Hanson Bob Backlund vs George Steele (after the match, Cal Rudman tries to interview Backlund, but Bob yells at "What the fuck do you want to talk to me for?" and then yells at him some more. Bob seems legit pissed about something, but I have no idea what.) Andre the Giant vs Big John Studd, 7/23/83 (Cage from the Cap Center - looks like they were blacking out Andre's actual MSG match for some reason) Rocky Johnson vs Don Kernodle (This match has some brief tracking issues) Tito Santana vs Mr. Fuji