TAPE 271

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 76 min (DVD)

CLASH OF CHAMPIONS 3 "FALL BRAWL" - 9/7/88 (Excellent show from the heyday of the NWA. Back in 1988, the Clash specials were actually just that - SPECIAL. This is the commercial tape version of the show, all matches are complete. I've got a master so quality is perfect.)
BRAD ARMSTRONG VS MIKE ROTUNDO Sheepherders vs Steve Williams & Nikita Koloff Dusty Rhodes vs Kevin Sullivan (horrible finish that sees Dusty pin *Gary Hart* to get the win) Ricky Morton vs Ivan Koloff (Chain match - after the match, Paul Jones turns on Ivan Koloff and he & the Russian Assassins attack Koloff) STING VS BARRY WINDHAM (Terrific match for the US title. These two looked like the sky was the limit back in '88. Neither guy really lived up to his potential, which is a shame. This match was great though!)