TAPE 277

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.75 hrs (DVD)

PRIDE 16 - 9/24/01 (Pretty good show. This is the US version, so all commentary is in English. I've got a master of the comm. DVD of the show so quality is perfect.)
Gary Goodridge vs Yoshiaki Yatsu Matt Hume explains Pride's scoring system Norihisa Yamamoto vs Assuerio Silva Daijiro Matsui vs Murilo Ninja Guy Mezger vs Ricard Arona (wow, bad decision...) Akira Shoji vs Semmy Schilt Don Frye vs Gilbert Yvel (This is the famous "eye gouge" match. Yvel gives a no-class promo before the fight, then - I think accidentally - thumbs Frye in the eye during the fight, getting a yellow card. Frye intentionally headbutts Yvel, drawing only a minor warning. Yvel goes nuts! He would gouge Frye in the eyes later and also draw a couple yellow cards for holding the ropes and get DQ'ed. Gilbert, you're a disgrace to Pride!) Mark Coleman vs Antonio Rodorigo Nogueira (Coleman submits!)