TAPE 282

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 1.75 hrs (DVD)

GREAT AMERICAN BASH '91 - 7/14/91 (Commercial tape version. This is pretty much a terrible show, with absolutely zero heat and mediocre work throughout. The fans are pissed that Ric Flair is gone so they chant "We Want Flair!" several times. I've got a convert of the rare VHS master so quality is EX.)
Ricky Morton vs Robert Gibson (not exactly the barnburner you'd hope for) Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin & Badstreet vs Tracy Smothers, Steve Armstrong & Dustin Rhodes (Elimination tag) Yellow Dog vs Johnny B Badd (Dog is Brian Pillman. This is a terrible match, no flow at all. Jim Ross adds to it by messing up and calling Dog "Flyin' Brian" early in the match) Eric Bischoff trying to interview Missy Hyatt in the shower El Gigante vs One Man Gang (nah, this didn't suck AT ALL) Nikita Koloff vs Sting (Russian Chain - Horrible match with hardly any violence and no blood. They work the "both guys have touched 3 times" gimmick at the end even though there's a REALLY long break in-between several of the touches. They throw in a horrible finish for good measure.) Lex Luger vs Barry Windham (Cage - Luger wins vacant WCW World title) Rick Steiner & Missy Hyatt vs Arn Anderson & Paul E Dangerously (Slater & Murdoch kidnap Missy before so she doesn't participate; watch for Murdoch punching a fan while they're escaping with Missy.)