TAPE 284

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 43 min (DVD)

UWF TV #39 - 9/20/86 (More from the Barnett collection of converted broadcast masters. This is slightly longer than the version released by UWA and includes a Danny Hodge interview that may have been left out of the UWA version. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Clip of Williams/Dibiase vs Hayes/Roberts, 9/6/86 (Hayes whips Dibiase) Clip of Hayes whipping Taylor, 9/13/86 The Glassman vs The Libyan Steve Williams & Bill Watts visiting the University of Oklahoma Terry Gordy vs Steve Williams (After a couple ref bumps, we get two refs counting a simultaneous pinfall on both guys with BOTH lifting their shoulders at two - but each ref sees only one guy lift their shoulders. The match then ends in mass confusion. Way to make your refs look like idiots Bill!) Interview w/Danny Hodge UWF Top 10 Rankings Special Feature: Breakup of Hyatt & Hot Stuff International Leroy Brown vs Bobby Perez (Danny Hodge does commentary) Michael Hayes vs Iceman Parsons (TV Time runs out as Hayes whips Parsons & Ted Dibiase)