TAPE 289

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

CROCKETT CUP '87 (Commercial tape; All matches are clipped unless noted otherwise. I own an original, so quality is EX!)
Bill Dundee & Barbarian vs Tim Horner & Mike Rotundo Jimmy Valiant & Lazortron vs Pez Whatley & Teijho Khan Ivan Koloff & Vladimir Pietrov vs Bob & Brad Armstrong Midnight Express vs Ronnie & Jimmy Garvin Big Bubba vs Ole Anderson (Cage) Magnum TA's 3 Greatest Matches (For somebody who wasn't watching in 1985/86, it's hard for them to understand how big a star Magnum was. This guy was *THE* star at that time. He undoubtedly would have won the NWA title many times and was already the most popular wrestler in the world - even bigger than Hulk Hogan - when he got in his car accident. This guy had it all - looks, workrate, mic skills, the whole package.) Magnum TA vs Wahoo McDaniel (Cage - Magnum wins US title - complete) Magnum TA vs Kamala, Bash '85 Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard, Starrcade '85 (I Quit Cage) Midnight Express vs Road Warriors (Cornette fireballs Animal) Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff vs Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez Tully Blanchard & Lex Luger vs Bob & Brad Armstrong Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff vs Midnight Express RIC FLAIR VS BARRY WINDHAM (JIP - Great match!) Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff vs Tully Blanchard & Lex Luger (Finals - complete)