TAPE 290

Quality: EX (*MASTER*) / GD/VG (See Below)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

MSG - 3/20/83 (Here we have the WWF 24/7 version of this show, along with some extras thrown in. The 24/7 version consisted of only 5 matches, plus some interviews, and those are all here. Then, added on, we get some matches that were left off the rebroadcast. I've got a master of the 24/7 footage, so that much is EX vq. The rest is GD/VG.)
Baron Scicluna vs Jose Luis Rivera (JIP) Tony Garea vs Johnny Rodz Superstar Graham vs Jules Strongbow Ray Stevens vs Sal Bellomo (clipped - bit of an upset as Bellomo doesn't job to the legendary Stevens; they go to a double-countout instead) Bob Backlund vs Don Muraco (Texas Death match - this is a WWF-style Texas Death match, which is just a no-DQ, no-countout, must-be-a-winner match everywhere else. No KO's and rest periods and multiple falls here. I'm so glad they went with the no-DQ stip too, so Backlund could demonstrate his hatred of Muraco - that drove him insane in their previous match - by working a headlock for the first 10 minutes of the match. Turns into a good match eventually, but this was really-poorly worked given the stipulations.) Interview w/Bob Backlund (At this point, the 24/7 footage ends and we're left with stuff from the original broadcast that's in GD/VG quality. Everything from here on is GD/VG.) Interview w/Big John Studd Andre the Giant, Jimmy Snuka, & Rocky Johnson vs Big John Studd, Samoan Afa & Lou Albano (3/5 Falls - Albano is subbing for Samoan Sika. I don't really understand this match at all. They give us the unusual 3/5 falls stip - with a *2* hour time limit, no less - and then book this as a total squash that goes like 10 minutes with the faces winning in 3 straight falls. Why not give us a wild 30-minute match that goes 4 falls or something?) SD Jones vs Jose Estrada Pancho Boy & Sonny Boy vs Farmer Pete & Butch Cassidy