TAPE 308

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2.25 hrs (DVD)

UWFI WORLD PRO WRESTLING TOURNAMENT - 6/10/94 (Commercial tape; Excellent tape with a ton of hard-hitting action. A must-have for the shoot-style fan! I've got a master convert so VQ is EX!)
Bouy Chowaikun vs Gary Hadwin (Kickboxing) Thomas Burton vs Shiromisu Katihara Yoshihiro Takayama vs Billy Scott GENE LYDICK & STEVE NELSON VS KAZUSHI SAKURABA & MASAHITO KAKIHARA (Awesome finish that sees the American team almost double-teaming one of their opponents for several minutes, building incredible crowd heat. After a couple of tags, the finish comes after an INCREDIBLE overhead suplex that turns into an overhead DDT. A true must-see maneuver! Brutal ending!) Tatsuo Nakano vs Naoki Sano Kazuo Yamazaki & Yoji Anjoh vs Victro Zangiev & Salman Hashimikov (There's some obvious genuine dislike between these teams and it appears that this match degenerates into a real shoot at times. In one spot, Hashimikov is very slow to break a choke on the ropes and Anjoh is PISSED! He snaps off a couple of vicious kicks that are clearly harder than what he had been throwing earlier. Then he drills Salman with a knee. Great stuff! ***1/2) Vader vs Kiyoshi Tamura (Incredibly stiff match that sees Tamura lay in a ton of punishment on Vader and receiving even more in return. The finish comes after Vader POWERBOMBS Tamura.) NOBUHIKO TAKADA VS GARY ALBRIGHT (Terrific match that is much better than I gave it credit for on first viewing.)