TAPE 325

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 3 hrs (DVD)

PRIDE 8 - 11/21/99 (This is the US version of the show, so all commentary is in English. This is a terrific show, highlighted by the Sakuraba/Gracie fight. I've got a master, so quality is PERFECT.)
Vanderlei Silva vs Daijiro Matsui Frank Trigg vs Fabiano Iha Carl Malenko vs Allan Goes Mark Coleman vs Ricardo Morais Gary Goodridge vs Tom Erikson Igor Vovchanchyn vs Francisco Bueno (INCREDIBLE one-punch KO! Igor misses with his first punch, but connects with the second and Bueno is *OUT*. Igor nails him three more times as he fails face-first to the mat. Maybe the most incredible KO I've ever seen!) Renzo Gracie vs Alexander Otsuka (Fun match - I really like both these guys) Kazushi Sakuraba vs Royler Gracie (This is the first of the Sakuraba vs Gracie fights and, if you're a Sakuraba fan, it's a beauty! Sakuraba COMPLETELY dominates the entire fight. Gracie tries to butt-scoot but Sakuraba is too quick for him and instead just destroys Gracie's legs, with Gracie getting basically no offense in during the entire fight. This leaves Royler on his back BEGGING Sakuraba to come lay in his guard, which prompts Bas Rutten to make fun of him "If you want a guy to fight your fight, you MAKE him do it. You don't ASK him to!" The rules are that there are no judges so a time-limit decision is an automatic draw and no ref stoppages, leaving Gracie with a bit of a beef when the ref stops the fight near the end with Sakuraba coming close to breaking Royler's arm, though Royler never taps.)