TAPE 352

Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

ALL JAPAN SUPER POWER SERIES '98 (Excellent tape from the masters at All Japan. See a pair of **** matches and several other good ones. I've got a 1st gen of this, so quality is EX)
KENTA KOBASHI VS TOSHIAKI KAWADA, 6/12/98 (Kobashi wins Triple Crown; Great, great match!) Wolf Hawkfield & Johnny Smith vs Takao Omori & Tamon Honda, 5/31/98 (clips) Jun Akiyama vs Steve Williams, 6/5/98 (clips) TOSHIAKI KAWADA & AKIRA TAUE VS KENTA KOBASHI & JOHNNY ACE, 6/5/98 Manukea Mossman vs Sambo Asako, 6/12/98 (clipped) Gran Naniwa & Super Delfin vs Sambo Asako & ???, 6/5/98 (clips)