TAPE 355

Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 1.75 hrs (DVD)

ALL JAPAN FAN APPRECIATION DAY '92 - 4/18/92 (Hard to find in good condition, get this tape for just the one match. Absolutely an incredible tag match, it's a true must-see. I've got a 1st gen convert of this, quality is EX!)
Doug Furnas & Dan Kroffat vs Master Blaster & David Isley (JIP) Mighty Inoue vs ??? (clipped) Haruka Eigen & Motoshi Okuma vs Giant Baba & Mitsuo Momota MITSUHARA MISAWA, TOSHIAKI KAWADA, KENTA KOBASHI, & TSUYOSHI KIKUCHI VS JUMBO TSURUTA, MASA FUCHI, RUSHER KIMURA, & YOSHINARI OGAWA (Elimination Tag - It's 2-on-2, with each team getting a new guy when someone is eliminated. First team to have 3 guys eliminated loses the match. Absolutely incredible match, off-the-charts heat, and tons of action. Find out what a bastard Fuchi can be as he tortures the hell out of Kikuchi, including STANDING ON HIS CHIN! 67-minutes of action, great match! ****3/4!)