TAPE 358

Quality: VG

Length: 2.5 hrs (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE: THE CROCKETT YEARS VOL 3 (YES! Now we're talking! You want to know why the NWA was such an incredible federation in 1987/88? Watch this tape. A true MUST-OWN for the WRESTLING fan. Quality is VG, truly outstanding!)
Tully Blanchard vs Ricky Morton (Death Match - Morton gets whipped with a belt) Interview w/Lex Luger (clip of Luger/Arn brawl) Re: fighting the Horsemen Interview w/Arn, Tully, JJ Ric Flair vs Hawk, 1/24/88 (JIP - from Bunkhouse Stampede Finals) Interview w/Road Warriors (clip of Powers of Pain beating them up) Ric Flair receiving the "Wrestler of the Year Award" (Great stuff as Flair talks about winning his first ever title - the Mid-Atlantic TV Title) Sting challenging Ric Flair (From the same night as the award ceremony. Sting challenges Ric Flair and JJ answers the challenge. He tells Sting that he no class for interrupting a special night for Flair and that he should just go away. Sting is literally stunned into silence as he realizes JJ is right! Sting then beats up JJ and Flair ends up challenging Sting. Great angle.) The Road Warriors/Powers of Pain benchpress contest (Watch at the end of the contest, when Animal gets slammed into the barbell. The benchpress falls over, nearly dropping a 600lb barbell onto Hawk's HEAD!) TULLY BLANCHARD VS RICKY STEAMOBAT (from Starrcade '84) Jimmy Garvin vs Kevin Sullivan Interview w/Ric Flair re: Sting Interview w/Jim Cornette & Midnight Express Ric Flair & Tully Blanchard vs Lex Luger & Ole Anderson (cage) Road Warriors/Powers of Pain brawl FANTASTICS VS MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (ARE YOU KIDDING ME? NOW we're talking! The Fantastics make their NWA debut and are an immediate hit with the crowd. The heat for this INCREDIBLE match is amazing. They go 35+ minutes and the Midnights end up doing a clean job in this ****1/2 match. *GREAT* STUFF!) Interview w/Magnum TA (TA gets attacked, leading to Dusty Rhodes going nuts with a baseball bat, even hitting Jim Crockett! Dusty ends up getting a 120-day suspension) Interview w/Ric Flair re: Nikita Koloff Midnight Rider vs Big Bear Collie Interview w/Fantastics re: Midnight Express leading to... Fantastics/Midnight Express brawl in the TBS studios (This is WILD stuff! Cornette throws chairs, stools, whatever he can find and hits everyone in sight with his racket. Great!) Midnight Rider attacks Tully Blanchard Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson vs Lex Luger & Barry Windham, 4/20/88 (JIP - Tully & Arn win the NWA World tag titles when Windham turns heel on Luger, costing them the belts) Windham & the Horsemen attack Dusty Rhodes Dusty Rhodes vs Barry Windham (Impromptu lumberjack streetfight) RIC FLAIR VS HARLEY RACE, 11/24/83 (JIP - Flair wins NWA World title)