TAPE 359

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

RINGS WORLD TITLE SERIES - 4/20/01 (Always fun to see a RINGS show with Fedor on it. I've got a convert of a VHS master, so quality is perfect.)
Naoyuki Kotani vs Jiro Wakabayashi Yasuhito Namekawa vs Wataru Imamura Fedor Emelianenko vs Kerry Schall (Schall, being a lumbering slugger with no submission skills, decides to try and trade leglocks with Sambo specialist Fedor. Yeah, that's a BRILLIANT strategy Kerry.) Jeremy Horn vs Yuri Bekichev Ryushi Yanagisawa vs Bobby Hoffman Kiyoshi Tamura vs Gustavo Ximu (Late in the fight, Ximu does something I've never seen before - he punches down on the inside of Tamura's forearm/wrist, banging it into the mat. Takes maybe two punches and it's injured/painful. Smart!)