TAPE 360

Quality: VG

Length: 6 hrs (2 DVD)

JAPAN TV 6/90 - 7/90 (YES! Bring on the good stuff! Historic footage abounds in this tape. You get both NJ and AJ matches - as well as a couple inter-promotional matches Quality is VG throughout, maybe even VG/EX in places. However, there are tracking problems up through the start of the Gordy/Tsuruta match. The problems are annoying, but the footage is still enjoyable and watchable. This set is highly recommended!)
Jushin Liger vs Naoki Sano (clipped - Liger gets unmasked) Vader vs Stan Hansen, 2/10/90 (clipped - this is the famous match where Vader gets his eye literally knocked out of its socket. The match is joined after that part however) Shinnya Hashimoto vs Kensuke Sasaki (30-sec clip) Masa Chono vs Keiji Mutoh (30-sec clip) Shinnya Hashimoto vs Keiji Mutoh (JIP) Riki Choshu vs Animal Hamaguchi Mitsuhara Misawa & Toshiaki Kawada vs Great Kabuki & ??? (JIP) Stan Hansen vs Steve Williams Jumbo Tsuruta vs Terry Gordy, 6/5/90 (JIP - Gordy wins the Triple Crown) An NJ 8-man tag match (sorry, no intros - I don't know who these guys are!) Shinnya Hashimoto & Kensuke Sasaki vs Keiji Mutoh & Masa Chono Stan Hansen & Riki Choshu vs Vader & Animal Hamaguchi (Hansen walks out on Choshu at the end of the match, then returns to help triple-team Choshu. Great stuff!) STAN HANSEN VS TERRY GORDY, 6/8/90 (JIP - Hansen ends the shortest Triple Crown reign in history by defeating Gordy only 3 days into his reign. Hansen wins the Triple Crown in an excellent match.) MITSUHARA MISAWA VS JUMBO TSURUTA, 6/8/90 (Incredibly historic match as the leader of the old guard - Tsuruta - faces the leader of the new guard - Misawa. Each guy has teammates at ringside to add to the aura of the match. They go all out in this ****1/2 classic and Tsuruta puts over Misawa to signal the rise of the new guys. Take that Hogan!) Shinnya Hashimoto & Mr. Saito vs Keiji Mutoh & Masa Chono RIKI CHOSHU, KENSUKE SASAKI, SHIRO KOSHINAKA, KUNIAKI KOBAYASHI, & ??? VS ANIMAL HAMAGUCHI, MASANOBU KURISU, HIRO SAITO, SUPER MACHINE (?) & ??? (2/3 Falls - Great 10-man match!) Bam Bam Bigelow vs Kenta Kobashi (Ya know, I can't help but wonder what would have happened if Bigelow had been as motivated as Vader. He had all of Vader's talent and was more athletic and mobile, but never ended up being 1/3rd as good.) Abdullah the Butcher vs Tiger Jeet Singh (YES! More classic, scientific action from All Japan. Or not...) Kenta Kobashi vs Steve Williams (Good match, but obviously not up to the standards of their later 8/31/93 match) Akira Taue & Masao Orihara vs Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Masa Fuchi Dustin Rhodes & Mark Starbuck (?) vs Haruka Eigen & ??? (Rhodes is intr'ed as "Dusty Rhodes Jr") Davey Boy Smith & Johnny Smith vs Mark Starbuck (?) & ??? Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs ??? JUSHIN LIGER VS NAOKI SANO (clipped - Sano destroys Liger's mask)