TAPE 363

Quality: EX

Length: 8 hrs (4 DVD)

TABE'S HISTORY OF MISAWA VS KOBASHI (Newly updated! More footage, better VQ that's been upgraded once again! Forget Misawa/Kawada, the best feud in puroresu history is Misawa vs Kobashi. Their series of matches are absolutely unmatched in terms of quality and drama. I've compiled all of their matches available on video, including every one of their Triple Crown matches, for this awesome video. Nearly every match on the tape is ****, you will NOT be disappointed wit this one! Quality is EX throughout!)
Tiger Mask II vs Kenta Kobashi, 3/6/90 (This is so fun, as both guys work a style totally different from their later matches. They are both a lot trimmer than their later years and are moving great here. It's scary to see Kobashi in this match as he looks EXACTLY like Akira Taue here. ***1/2 or so.) Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi, 4/5/91 (handheld) MITSUHARU MISAWA VS KENTA KOBASHI, 4/12/93 (JIP) MITSUHARU MISAWA VS KENTA KOBASHI, 3/26/95 MITSUHARU MISAWA VS KENTA KOBASHI, 10/25/95 MITSUHARU MISAWA VS KENTA KOBASHI, 3/31/96 MITSUHARU MISAWA VS KENTA KOBASHI, 1/20/97 (Misawa wins the Triple Crown in this incredible ****3/4 classic!) MITSUHARU MISAWA VS KENTA KOBASHI, 4/19/97 (Earlier in the Champ Carny, Kobashi scored his first-ever win over Misawa, but All Japan buries the tape. Instead, "all" we get is a **** 30-min draw from the Finals.) MITSUHARU MISAWA VS KENTA KOBASHI, 10/21/97 (Kind of the forgotten match from '97 - and it was voted Match of the Year by the fans in Japan! Incredible.) Mitsuharu Misawa & Takao Omori vs Kenta Kobashi & Jinsei Shinzaki, 10/24/98 (Kobashi debuts the Burning Hammer and pins Misawa! - clips) MITSUHARU MISAWA VS KENTA KOBASHI, 10/31/98 (Absolutely amazing match, as both guys pull out one great move after another. ***** match, easily one of the best matches you'll ever see! Misawa wins the Triple Crown) MITSUHARU MISAWA & YOSHINARI OGAWA VS KENTA KOBASHI & TAKAO OMORI, 3/6/99 Mitsuharu Misawa & Akira Taue vs Kenta Kobashi & Toshiaki Kawada, 6/4/99 (I tell you, it is just plain *WEIRD* to see these 4 guys in the ring together but not on the "right" teams. Good match - ***1/2) MITSUHARU MISAWA VS KENTA KOBASHI, 6/11/99 (Take everything I said about the 10/31/98 match and expand on it! Another *AMAZING* match, this is the pinnacle of the AJ "head-dropping" style! ***** must-see!) MITSUHARU MISAWA VS KENTA KOBASHI, 4/11/00 (Kobashi finally gets a singles win over Misawa that's released on video - his three previous wins not being available. Good stuff. This is the rare, full version of this match. This goes a long way to showing how the All Japan head-dropping style was dead by this point. They do a ridiculous number of head drops that are kicked out of and the crowd will basically pop for nothing else. Still, this is a good match.) MITSUHARU MISAWA VS KENTA KOBASHI, 3/1/03 (Oh yeah, this is the big one! What an awesome match! They roll out all the big spots, including an unbelievable backdrop driver early in the match. Misawa takes a SICK bump on the guardrail - with a very audible smack - that busts open his mouth but somehow not breaking his jaw. But the topper is one of the craziest bumps of all time - Misawa hits a Tiger Suplex on Kobashi from the ramp to the floor! Just an insane spot that is a total must-see. Kobashi wins the GHC title in this ****1/2, maybe even ****3/4, classic.) Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi, 12/24/04 (This is a "fans pick the match" dream match that, unfortunately, is hampered by a 10-minute time limit. They manage to work some big spots in but ultimately never get going with the urgency a 10-minute time limit dictates. A fun little match but nothing spectacular.)