TAPE 364

Quality: GD/VG

Length: 6 hrs (3 DVD)

BEST OF PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM 3/82 - 9/82 (*FANTASTIC* tape. This is great stuff if you are a fan of old school wrestling! Lots of good matches here. Several things stick out to me about this tape however: First, the roles of heel and face are often switched (sort of) in these matches - the good guy will break the rules, the bad guy will wrestle clean, etc. The announcers even push the babyface aspects of heels - mentioning Superstar Graham's wife & kids, talking about riding to the matches with Greg Valentine, etc. Second, the announcers here - Cal Rudman in particular - are HORRENDOUS. Third, didn't fans get sick of seeing faces win matches by pinfall where the heel had his foot on the ropes? Quality is GD/VG throughout, great stuff!)
Ivan Putski vs Killer Khan, 3/20/82 Bob Backlund vs Adrian Adonis, 3/20/82 (Adonis looks great here) Pedro Morales vs Greg Valentine, 3/20/82 Jesse Ventura vs Tony Atlas, 4/17/82 Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito vs Andre the Giant & Rick McGraw (2/3 falls - the fans are great here; they get frustrated whenever Andre tags out because they just *know* he could win the tag titles by himself if he'd just stay in! LOL.) Pedro Morales vs Jimmy Snuka, 5/22/82 Blackjack Mulligan vs Steve Travis, 5/22/82 Bob Backlund vs Bob Orton, 5/22/82 Jesse Ventura vs Tony Atlas, 5/22/82 (Cage) Ivan Putski vs Adrian Adonis, 5/22/82 20-Man Battle Royal, 6/26/82 Pedro Morales vs Mr. Saito, 6/26/82 BOB BACKLUND VS BOB ORTON, 6/26/82 (Lumberjack match - Terrific match marred by a bad finish that sees Ivan Putski interfere on Backlund's behalf for no real reason. Remember what I said about faces & heels switching roles???) Jay & Jules Strongbow vs Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito, 7/31/82 Bob Backlund vs Jimmy Snuka, 7/31/82 (This is *AFTER* their cage match at MSG...) Andre the Giant vs Blackjack Mulligan, 7/31/82 Ivan Putski vs Bob Orton, 7/31/82 Pat Patterson vs Bob Orton, 9/18/82 Bob Backlund vs Jimmy Snuka, 9/18/82 (SD Jones guest ref - Backlund gets booed here, signalling that it was time for him to lose his title...) Pedro Morales vs Buddy Rose, 9/18/82