TAPE 368

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 4.75 hrs (2 DVD)

PRIDE GRAND PRIX FINALS - 5/1/00 (Oh yeah baby, this is a great one! Simply an incredible show, maybe the best MMA/shoot show ever. The collection of talent is staggering, the performances even better. This is the rare 2-disc DVD version of the show, with all fights complete and a couple of bonus features as well. I've got a master, so VQ is perfect.)
KAZUSHI SAKURABA VS ROYCE GRACIE (Yes, this is the FULL 90-min fight! Simply an incredible fight, with Sakuraba totally outclassing Gracie. Sakuraba lets Royce punch himself out - without doing any real damage - for the first 30 minutes, then just tortures Royce's leg until Royce has a look of fear and exhaustion on his face. Throughout, Sakuraba essentially dares Gracie to do damage to him - and Royce can't. Great, great fight!) Igor Vovchanchyn vs Gary Goodridge (Really good fight.) Mark Coleman vs Akira Shoji Mark Kerr vs Kazayuki Fujita (Fujita pulls the upset! Kerr gasses out and Fujita dominates! Good stuff!) Igor Vovchanchyn vs Kazushi Sakuraba (Sak puts up a valiant effort after going 90 minutes with Gracie.) Guy Mezger vs Masaaki Satake Mark Coleman vs Kazayuki Fujita (No match - Fujita throws in the towel :02 into the match) Ken Shamrock vs Alexander Otsuka Mark Coleman vs Igor Vovchanchyn (Finals - gotta love Coleman's reaction after he wins, as he tries to leap over the ropes, falls on his back, then sprints out into the ringside are to celebrate with the fans. Great stuff.)