TAPE 374

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 4 hrs (2 DVD)

PRIDE 10 - 8/27/00 (This is the re-release 2-DVD commercial version of this show. Great show, several very good matches. The Sak/Gracie match is a keeper too. You get a bonus fight as well as some crappy interviews and other random bonus features. I've got a master, so quality is EX.)
Vitor Belfort vs Daijiro Matsui Vanderlei Silva vs Guy Mezger Giant Ochiai vs Ricco Rodriguez Gilbert Yvel vs Gary Goodridge (This is the famous "one-kick KO" match. Yvel drills Goodridge in the head with his first kick of the match, KO'ing him instantly. Vicious!) Borisov Igor vs Mark Kerr Enson Inoue vs Igor Vovchanchyn (*WILD* opening to this match as both guys just blindly throw haymakers at each other. Igor then takes over and pounds on Inoue. Brutal. There's no way this fight should have gone as long as it did, but Enson kept fighting.) Ken Shamrock vs Kazayuki Fujita (Shamrock tosses in the towel when he's not even in danger. WTF? Apparently Ken thought he was having a heart attack or something. Maybe it was the roids!) Ryan Gracie vs Tokimitsu Ishizawa (Kendo Ka Shin) KAZUSHI SAKURABA VS RENZO GRACIE (Sakuraba wins his 3rd match in a row over a Gracie, though this one is super close. Gracie loses to a keylock that dislocates his elbow at a disgusting angle. He shows big-time class after the match, tapping out after the ref stoppage and saying that he lost to a better fighter, unlike a "a lot of fighters who make excuses when they lose" - yeah, like your own family Renzo! Great match that adds further to Sakuraba's growing legend.) Masaaki Satake vs Kazunari Murakami (Bonus fight that wasn't included on the PPV or the original VHS release of the show.)