TAPE 379

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 85 min (DVD)

UWFI "Moving on Sapporo 6th" - 9/26/91 (Another good tape from the early days of UWFI, but the two big matches - the Albright match and the main event - are disappointingly short. Still, a good tape. I've got a master convert so quality is *PERFECT*.)
Makoto Oe vs ??? Kiyoshi Tamura vs Tatsuo Nakano (Nakano gets to show a lot here and nearly KO's Tamura legit with a knee early on. The finish comes way too fast, though.) Gary Albright vs Yuko Miyato (This is like an earlier version of the Vader/Nakano squash from 5/6/93. Albright pounds Miyato.) Kazuo Yamazaki vs Yoji Anjoh (Really good match!) Nobuhiko Takada vs Bob Backlund (Well, when you work shoot-style, sometimes accidents happen. You get one in this match as Takada KO's Backlund with a kick to the stomach that sees Backlund drop like he's been shot. It's obviously not intentional as the kick occurs only 1:15 into the match. The fans are pissed and have a mini-riot, throwing stuff at the ring and trying to tear off the apron. Yamazaki has to come out and calm them down. Wild!)