TAPE 381

Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

UWF VOL II (Another in the series of weirdly-numbered set of comm tapes from the first UWF. Here we have Vol II, but with matches from nearly a year after the tape of the debut show. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. Great matches though! I've got a 1st gen convert so VQ is EX.)
Nobuhiko Takada vs Tiger Mask, 1/20/85 (Good match that sees Takada score maybe the biggest win of his young career. Huge upset as Mask gets pounded until the ref stops the fight!) Akira Maeda vs Osamu Kido, 1/20/85 Akira Maeda vs Kazuo Yamazaki, 2/18/85 (Clipped - maybe 2 min cut out of a terrific match. Yamazaki shows a lot of heart in this one.)