TAPE 382

Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 2.5 hrs (2 DVD)

ALL JAPAN CHAMPION'S CARNIVAL '95 VOL 1 (Vol 1 of the awesome 3-tape set of the '95 Champ Carny. Great tape! I've got a 1st gen convert so quality is EX!)
Stan Hansen vs Takao Omori, 3/21/95 Mitsuhara Misawa vs Doug Furnas, 3/21/95 TOSHIAKI KAWADA VS JUN AKIYAMA, 3/21/95 AKIRA TAUE VS KENTA KOBASHI, 3/21/95 Dan Kroffat vs Doug Furnas (Clipped), 3/24/95 Jun Akiyama vs Takao Omori, 3/24/95 Danny Spivey vs Johnny Ace (JIP), 3/24/95 KENTA KOBASHI, MITSUHARA MISAWA, & STAN HANSEN VS AKIRA TAUE, TOSHIAKI KAWADA, & GIANT BABA, 3/24/95 (FANTASTIC 60-Min draw! Only knock on this match is that they never really convince you that they're not going the distance. ****1/2!!)