TAPE 396

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2.6 hrs (DVD)

UWFI BUSHIDO TV EPISODE 1 (In 2003, for the first time in a long time - the mid-90s, to be exact - UWFIwas shown on TV here in the US. UWFI's long-running, but rarely seen, Bushido TV show was picked up in New York for a few months. They do a fabulous job of presenting the product, making it seem legit like UFC or Pride, even though it's not. And the best part of it all is that the commentary is in English! So if you've ever considered trying out UWFI, but hesitated, now's the time! This tape is perfect for the UWFI newcomer and veteran alike, and includes 3 complete episodes. I've got a master convert so VQ is perfect.)
Tatsuo Nakano vs Tom Burton, 5/8/92 (Turns into a near-shoot when Burton throws a wild forearm/punch that pisses Nakano off. He then drills Burton with a couple of real nasty shots before finishing Burton off.) MASAHITO KAKIHARA VS MARK SILVER, 5/8/92 (Great match between two young guns that goes the full 30-minutes. They show tons of heart even after completely gassing out.)
UWFI BUSHIDO TV EPISODES 2 (More of the same as above)
Yuko Miyato vs Mark Fleming, 5/8/92 Hiromitsu Kanehara vs Masakazu Maeda, 5/8/92 (Maybe the best opening bout ever in UWFI. Two guys giving their all to the point of basically exhaustion. Great stuff. ***1/2.) Nick Bockwinkel vs Billy Robinson, 5/8/92 (Clipped) Yoji Anjoh vs Steve Day, 5/8/92
UWFI BUSHIDO TV EPISODES 2 (More of the same as above)
Kazuo Yamazaki vs Koji Kitao, 5/8/92 (Yamazaki does a great job of getting Kitao over as a big threat to Takada and the crowd is super hot for this one.) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Matthew Saad Muhammed, 5/8/92 (Wrestler vs Boxer - I hope this was a shoot, cuz if it was a work, they sure misbooked this. Over in like 40 seconds.) NOBUHIKO TAKADA VS GARY ALBRIGHT, 5/8/92 (Excellent match, but the finish comes a little quick)