TAPE 402

Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 110 min (DVD)

FLORIDA HOUSE SHOWS - 10/86 (These are matches shot by a single, pro-quality, handheld camera from various CWF house shows in Tampa and Miami in 1986. This is super-rare stuff that I got straight from the guy whose company taped them in 1986. VQ is PERFECT.)
Ricky Santana vs ??? (clipped) Kendall Windham vs Jerry Grey (no finish) Ric Flair vs Steve Keirn (clipped) Lex Luger vs Kareem Mohammed (Texas Death) Barry Windham vs Ron Bass (good match!) Sean Royal vs Scott Irwin (clipped) The Falcon vs The Ninja (Keiji Mutoh; no finish shown) Interview segment with Gordon Solie & Barry Windham (Windham swears and does a couple takes of a local promo) Fabulous Ones vs Sheepherders (chain match) Lex Luger vs Kendo Nagasaki (Lumberjack) Lex Luger vs Sir Oliver Humperdink Sheepherders vs Steve Keirn & Kendall Windham (pole match)