TAPE 414

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

UWF "U-DREAM '98" - 12/11/98 (This isn't technically a UWF show, but it might as well be. They make UWF references throughout and it features a bunch of guys from the old UWF. A decent enough show, but the production values are pretty low. There's practically no lighting, large parts of the ring are in shadows, very weird. I have a conversion of a VHS master, so VQ is EX)
Tomoharu Fuse vs Mark Johnson (clipped) Tounehiko Naito vs Hidetada Irie Takehiro Murahama vs ??? (kickboxing) Tatsuo Nakano vs Thomas Burton Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Billy Scott John Karbo vs Enson Inoue Yoji Anjoh vs Nicholas Sparks