TAPE 417

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 6.5 hrs (6 DVD)

RINGS KING OF KINGS '99 BLOCK A - 10/28/99 (The first of three shows that make up the full King of Kings '99 tournament. This really was the first major MMA tournament of the modern era, even before Pride's GP. I have DVDs straight from the ultra-rare comm. VHS set, so VQ is perfect throughout.)
Labozonov Ahrmed vs Lee Hasdell Renato Babalu vs Grom Zaza Allister Overeem vs Yuri Kotchkine Antonio Nogueira vs Valentijn Overeem Jeremy Horn vs Hiromitsu Kanehara Dan Handerson vs Gogidtze Bakouri Jastin McCully vs Mikhail Ilioukhine Brad Kohler vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto (Kohler is led to the ring by Road Warrior Animal!) Lee Hasdell vs Renato Babalu Icuri Kotchkine vs Antonio Nogueira Hiromitsu Kanehara vs Dan Henderson Brad Kohler vs Mikhail Ilioukhine
RINGS KING OF KINGS '99 BLOCK B - 12/22/99 (Better show than Block A)
Castello Branco vs Andre Kopylev (Kopylev scores the kneebar in just 16 seconds!) Tyrone Roberts vs Ricardo Fyeet (This Fyeet guy is a turd, trying to intimidate people, etc. He backs it up, though, with a HUGE one-kick KO to start the second round) Brandon Lee Hinkle vs Maurice Smith (Really bad decision in favor of Smith that Smith himself doesn't even agree with) Renzo Gracie vs Wataru Sakata Gilbert Yvel vs Bitsadze Tariel Christopher Haseman vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka Tim Lajcik vs Borislav Jeliazkov Kiyoshi Tamura vs Dave Menne Andre Kopylev vs Ricardo Fyeet (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - Fyeet the Turd gets submitted in *8* seconds as Kopylev follows up his incredible 1st round win with an even more impressive victory!) Renzo Gracie vs Maurice Smith Gilbert Yvel vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka Kiyoshi Tamura vs Borislav Jeliazkov
RINGS KING OF KINGS '99 FINALS - 2/26/00 (Excellent show)
Renato Babalu vs Mikhail Ilioukine (Early in the match, Babalu throws Mikhail over the top rope!) Gilbert Yvel vs Dan Henderson (Yvel is a moron - he gets two yellow cards in this match, costing him a close one...) Andre Kopylev vs Antonio Nogueira Kiyoshi Tamura vs Renzo Gracie (Excellent match that sees the first-ever Gracie MMA loss) Bobby Hoffman vs Grom Zaza Dan Henderson vs Antonio Nogueira (Pretty darn questionable decision) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Renato Babalu Brad Kohler vs Christopher Haseman (A fight almost breaks out after the match as Haseman forces Kohler to tap out. However, Haseman ignores the ref's instructions and doesn't break. Kohler, naturally, is quite pissed and starts kicking at Haseman after he gets off the mat. Haseman claims he wasn't told to stop, to which Kohler - correctly - responds "he said it four times, dickhead!") Dan Henderson vs Renato Babalu (Finals)