TAPE 418

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.3 hrs (DVD)

PRIDE 7 - 9/12/99 (This is the US commercial tape version of the show, complete with English commentary. All matches shown are complete, but they unfortunately cut the Takada/Otsuka match because it was an incredibly obvious work. Good show, definitely one to have if you're an MMA fan. I've got a DVD master, so quality is EX.)
Daijiro Matsui vs Bob Schreiber ("Dirty Bob" lives up to his nickname by getting DQ'ed after holding the ropes, landing a cheapshot punch with the ref between him and Matsui and then drilling Matsui with an axe-kick to the back of the head AFTER THE BELL.) Vanderlei Silva vs Carl Malenko Enson Inoue vs Tully Kulihaapai Maurice Smith vs Branco Cikatic Akira Shoji vs Larry Parker Kazushi Sakuraba vs Anthony Macias (Good fight!) Mark Kerr vs Igor Vovchanchyn (Total BS crap here - Igor wins by "KO" but only because he was allowed to use *two* illegal knees to the head to do it! What kind of crap is that?)