TAPE 422

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 1.5 hrs (DVD)

NWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING - 4/6/85 (AWESOME! 24/7 starts showing complete episodes of territorial TV and THIS is what they start with! This, of course, is the debut episode of JCP on TBS, kickstarting possibly the best-ever in-ring promotion in the US. This episode appears to be complete, though they make mention of Pez Whatley & Buzz Tyler appearing but they are nowhere to be seen. Appears they were left off the original broadcast too rather than being edited out. The only quibbles would be the promos for upcoming house shows being removed and the editing of music. I can live with those in return for PERFECT QUALITY otherwise. I've got a DVD master, VQ is perfect.)
Ole Anderson confronting Thunderbolt Patterson, GCW, 4/6/85 (clip) Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs George South & Greg Stone Jimmy Valiant vs Mark Hill Tully Blanchard vs Sam Houston Superstar Graham vs Rocky King (Graham has always been an instant fast-forward guy for me - just can't stand his work) Magnum TA Music video (Generic music - yuck) Ric Flair vs Gene Ligon Ole Anderson confronting Thunderbolt Patterson, GCW, 4/6/85 Arn Anderson vs Manny Fernandez (Ole does commentary for this, screwing up and calling Arn his brother when they're supposed to be uncle/nephew or cousins. Ole ends up attacking Fernandez, then helping Arn attack Thunderbolt as well, cementing his not-so-subtle heel turn. Actually a good angle with more than a bit of reality mixed in.) Interview w/Ivan & Nikita Koloff (they challenge AWA Champions Road Warriors) Interview w/Ric Flair & 3 Women Magnum TA vs Paul Garner Tully Blanchard Music Video (the "Search for the Perfect 10") Barbarian vs Josh Stroud Buddy Landel vs David Dillinger (Quite possibly the worst figure-four you'll ever see in this one - maybe worse than the infamous Hogan one from Nitro) Black Bart vs Ron Rossi (the middle rope breaks while Rossi goes out to the floor and he takes a nasty bump as a result. JJ Dillon is right there to give him time to rest by laying the boots to him - thanks JJ!) Jimmy Valiant Music Video (Strangely enough, this one seems to have the original music intact - can't confirm that though) Interview w/Dusty Rhodes, 3/16/85 (From the night Dusty won the NWA World TV title)