TAPE 430

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 3 hrs (DVD)

PRIDE 14 "CLASH OF THE TITANS" - 5/27/01 (This is the US PPV version of the show, with English commentary. Absolutely FANTASTIC show, probably the best Pride show ever! Great, great stuff, a true must-have for the MMA/NHB fan. Even better than the GP Finals and Pride 10/11, all shows I loved! I've got a DVD master, so quality is EX!)
Vanderlei Silva vs Shungo Ohyama Johil De Oliveira vs Nino Scembri (Fun match, lots of good matwork) Gary Goodridge vs Valentijn Overeem DAIJIRO MATSUI VS PELE (GREAT fight! There's an awesome sequence where Pele goes for an armbar and Matsui picks him up and spikes him straight ON HIS HEAD - TWICE. Beautiful!) Guy Mezger vs Chuck Liddell (Upset KO!) Akira Shoji vs Dan Henderson Heath Herring vs Vitor Belfort Igor Vovchanchyn vs Gilbert Yvel (Let's just say that Yvel struggles when he's off his feet...) Kazayuki Fujita vs Yoshihiro Takayama (Terrific fight, light years ahead of what it had any right to be. Not a work like some thought it would be and Takayama turns in an inspired performance. If he gets himself in shape and works on his technique a little bit, there might be a future for him in NHB...)