Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2,75 hrs (DVD)

PRIDE 15 "RAGING RUMBLE" - 7/29/01 (This is the US comm version of the show, with English commentary. A good show, but one marred by "fishy" finishes and possible works. Either go all-shoot or all-work guys - a mix of both hurts your credibility and kills your chance for success in the US. I've got a DVD master, so quality is EX.)
Valentijn Overeem vs Assuerio Silva (Good fight, marred by what looks like an obviously thrown finish. Overeem just flops onto his back and lays there, waiting for Silva to clamp on a heel hook, which he doesn't even resist. UGH. After the PPV is over, Mark Coleman - who would know something about fishy heel hooks, after his fight with Takada at Pride 5 - says it looks funny.) Shungo Ohyama vs Wallid Ismail MASAAKI SATAKE VS IGOR VOVCHANCHYN (All striking, all action!) Heath Herring vs Mark Kerr (Here we have a victory of styles - shootfighting vs "lay n pray" wrestling. Kerr takes Herring down and holds him there while DOING NOTHING for almost 15 minutes. Finally, the ref forces a standup and Herring (and the crowd) go nuts! And then BAM! Herring KO's Kerr like 10 seconds later. Take that all you lay on the mat and do nothing wrestlers!) Daijiro Matsui vs Ebenezer Fontes Braga (JIP - 1st rd not shown) Gary Goodridge vs Antonio Nogueira Kazushi Sakuraba vs Quentin Jackson (Action-packed fight that sees Sakuraba take *4* powerbomb/slams before getting the tap-out!) Ryan Gracie vs Tokimitsu Ishizawa (The pre-match posturing and the fishy finish where Gracie gives up to a rib injury that seems to be a phantom one all combine to make this sure seem like a work...)