TAPE 432

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 65 min (DVD)

Greg Valentine vs Roddy Piper, 4/30/83 (JIP - From Mid-Atlantic TV, this is the previously 
	quite-rare match where Piper's ear gets injured.  Valentine smacks him with the US title belt
	and Piper "suffers hearing loss".  Valentine wins US title.  I've got a DVD master of the 24/7
	version, quality is perfect.)

MID-ATLANTIC TV - 12/10/81 (Full episode of MACW from 24/7. This one includes local promos and those are lesser VQ than the rest. Quality is EX.)
Sandy Scott ordering Sgt Slaughter to do his Cobra Clutch Challenge Barry Windham & Jake Roberts vs Mike Miller & Charlie Fulton (Roberts is announced as being from Denton, TX?!?!) Billy Robinson vs Tony Anthony (The future Dirty White Boy Tony Anthony is a jobber here) Ivan Koloff vs Keith Larsen Terry Taylor vs Tony Russon Ox Baker & Carl Fergie vs Don Kernodle & Vinny Valentino $1000 Cobra Clutch Challenge: Barry Windham (Throughout the show, Windham is referred to as Blackjack Mulligan Jr)