TAPE 434

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 97 min (DVD)

UWFI "BEST FIGHT OF THE MOVING ON" - 1991 (This is a *FANTASTIC* tape! This is a highlight tape of the best fights of 1991 from UWFI, their very earliest days. Each clip is 1 to 2 minutes long and all-action! Great, super-stiff action in front of white-hot crowds. Finishes are shown on all but a couple matches. If you're not sure you want to get into shoot-style, GET THIS TAPE! I've got a master convert so quality is perfect.)
Masahito Kakihara vs Kiyoshi Tamura, 5/10/91 Kazuo Yamazaki & Tatsuo Nakano vs Yoji Anjoh & Yuko Miyato, 5/10/91 Nobuhiko Takada vs Tom Burton, 5/10/91 Makoto Ohe vs ???, 6/6/91 (Kickboxing) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Tom Burton, 6/6/91 Yoji Anjoh vs Tatsuo Nakano, 6/6/91 Kazuo Yamazaki vs Yuko Miyato, 6/6/91 Nobuhiko Takada vs Tatsuo Nakano, 7/3/91 Yoji Anjoh vs Kiyoshi Tamura, 7/3/91 Tatsuo Nakano vs Yuko Miyato, 7/30/91 Kazuo Yamazaki vs Billy Scott, 7/30/91 Nobuhiko Takada & Kiyoshi Tamura vs Yoji Anjoh & Jim Boss, 7/30/91 Kiyoshi Tamura vs Yuko Miyato, 8/24/91 Gary Albright vs Yoji Anjoh, 8/24/91 Nobuhiko Takada & Billy Scott vs Kazuo Yamazaki & Tatsuo Nakano, 8/24/91 Kiyoshi Tamura vs Tatsuo Nakano, 9/26/91 Gary Albright vs Yuko Miyato, 9/26/91 Kazuo Yamazaki vs Yoji Anjoh, 9/26/91 Makoto Ohe vs ???, 10/6/91 (Kickboxing) Yoji Anjoh vs Billy Scott, 10/6/91 Nobuhiko Takada vs Kazuo Yamazaki, 10/6/91 Makoto Ohe vs ???, 11/7/91 (Kickboxing) Kiyoshi Tamura & Yuko Miyato vs Yoji Anjoh & Tom Burton, 11/7/91 Kazuo Yamazaki vs Billy Scott, 11/7/91 Gary Albright vs Tatsuo Nakano, 11/7/91 Nobuhiko Takada vs Bob Backlund, 11/7/91 Mokoto Ohe vs ???, 12/22/91 (Kickboxing) Masakazu Maeda vs Hiromitsu Kanehara, 12/22/91 Masahito Kakihara vs Jim Boss, 12/22/91 Yuko Miyato vs Tom Burton, 12/22/91 Gary Albright vs Kiyoshi Tamura, 12/22/91 Bob Backlund vs Yoji Anjoh, 12/22/91 Kazuo Yamazaki vs Tatsuo Nakano, 12/22/91 Billy Scott vs James Warring, 12/22/91 (Wrestler vs Boxer) Nobuhiko Takada vs Trevor Berbick, 12/22/91 (Wrestler vs Boxer - This match is complete. See the whole sorry episode of Takada double-crossing Berbick in this legit shoot. Then, after the fight, see Lou Thesz trash Berbick for being upset that the rules weren't followed. Get a clue Lou!)