TAPE 438

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 2.3 hrs (DVD)

NEW JAPAN GREAT MUTA VOL 2 "Revenge of Muta" (Quality is VG/EX)
Great Muta vs Shinnya Hashimoto, 9/23/92 Great Muta vs Hiro Hase, 12/14/92 (This is the infamous "Muta Scale" match where Muta does a bladejob by which all future bladejobs will be judged. By the end of the match, his hair is soaked in blood and Hase is just covered. It is truly amazing that he could even continue. Incredibly bloody. Wow.) Great Muta vs Masa Chono, 1/4/93 (NWA vs IWGP title - Muta wins NWA World title) Great Muta vs Hulk Hogan, 5/3/93 (Hogan actually works!) Great Muta & Hulk Hogan vs Kensuke Sasaki & Road Warrior Hawk, 9/23/93 (Funny moment early on as Hawk no-sells some of Hogan's offense and Hogan bitch-slaps him!)