TAPE 439

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 96 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 3/30/85 (More from this awesome season. Quality is VG/EX, almost EX)
Superstar Graham vs Steve Casey, 3/23/85 Arn Anderson vs Manny Fernandez, 3/23/85 (there's a tiny video skip in this, maybe 2 sec missing) Video Package: Wahoo & Tully attacking Ric Flair multiple times Video Package: Magnum TA Magnum TA vs Wahoo McDaniel, 3/23/85 (Cage - Magnum wins US title) Post-Match Interviews (Buddy Landel comes in & talks trash to Magnum, then Tommy Young calls it the greatest match he's ever ref'ed. WTF? Seriously, Tommy?)
NWA WORLDWIDE - 4/6/85 (More of the same as above, VG/EX quality, almost EX)
Buzz Tyler & Pez Whatley vs John Tatum & Joel Deaton Interview w/Ivan Koloff & Khrusher Khruschev (They show a clip of Ivan KO'ing Rocky Kernodle with his boot) Barbarian vs Mark Fleming JJ Dillon & Buddy Landel confronting Magnum TA after his US title win Buddy Landel attacking Ron Rossi (Rossi is Magnum TA's scheduled opponent. This leads to...) Buddy Landel/Magnum TA Brawl (Buddy lays a beating on Magnum until he recovers and tries to hit the belly-to-belly, but Landel is too quick and walks out instead.) Arn Anderson/Manny Fernandez Brawl (As a kid, I never got to see Worldwide. All I saw was the TBS show and I always thought it seemed like the fun stuff was all on Worldwide and Mid-Atlantic because of all the cool stuff seemed to be clips from those shows. Now that I've seen a bunch of Worldwide, it turns out I was about 95% right.) Arn Anderson & Buddy Landel vs Sam Houston & Denny Brown (Anderson uses a Gourdbuster onto Landel's knee for a finisher. Magnum & Manny Fernandez run if after.) Dusty Rhodes pledging support for Sam Houston Dusty Rhodes vs Doug Vines (Baby Doll comes in and slaps Dusty) Dusty Rhodes/Tully Blanchard confrontation