TAPE 440

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 96 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 4/13/85 (More from this awesome season set of Worldwide. Quality on this one is really nice - VG/EX)
Jimmy Valiant & Pez Whatley vs Doug Vines & David Dillinger Ole Anderson splitting w/Thunderbolt Patterson, GCW, 4/6/85 (I loved this as a kid; Ole struck me as so tough and nasty and Thunderbolt just......sucked. When Ole said T-Bolt was dragging him down, I was saying "YOU'RE RIGHT, OLE!" and cheering him on.) Black Bart vs Gene Ligon Magnum/Landel brawl, Worldwide, 4/6/85 Manny Fernandez vs Joel Deaton Buddy Landel vs Lee Ramsey Nikita Koloff vs Rocky King Arn Anderson vs Manny Fernandez, WCW, 4/6/85 (Finish Only - Ole & Arn attack Fernandez and then pound on Thunderbolt Patterson when he intervenes) Arn Anderson vs Ron Rossi (Manny Fernandez runs in and Arn kicks the crap out of him. It's always hilarious when a face runs in and gets beat up.)
NWA WORLDWIDE - 4/20/85 (Same as above, quality is VG/EX)
Magnum TA, Buzz Tyler & Jimmy Valiant vs John Tatum, Doug Vines & Joel Deaton Jim Crockett renaming the NWA TV title to NWA World TV title, MACW, 4/13/85 (As yet another stroke of Dusty's ego, now that he's the TV champ, it comes a WORLD title and he gets a shiny new belt, too. Major credit for it being one of the best belts of all-time though - this is the debut of the red TV belt. Awesome!) Nikita Koloff vs Mark Fleming Denny Brown vs Golden Terror (Contrast the TV belt with Brown's hideous piece of crap...) Superstar Graham & Barbarian vs Ron Rossi & Lee Ramsey (Jimmy Valiant runs in with his axe handle and attacks Graham from behind. He soon gets triple-teamed, however, and then gets clotheslined with the axe handle, "injuring" his throat. They sell it like he might actually die - then he's on TV a week later, LOL.) Buddy Landel vs Gene Ligon Tully Blanchard vs Sam Houston (The grudge match setup by Houston getting involved 2 weeks earlier in a Tully/Dusty angle. Houston holds his own but eventually, with Dusty watching from ringside, Tully lays a piledriver on him, getting automatically DQ'ed. Apparently the piledriver is illegal in the Carolinas? I dunno. Watch for the fan who tries to spit on Tully, too.)