TAPE 443

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 4 hrs (2 DVD)

PRIDE 19 - 2/24/02 (This is the 2-disc commercial DVD version of the show, so all commentary is in English. Great show, highlighted by the Newton/Pele actionfest. The matches are more complete than the PPV version and you get an extra match as well plus an uncensored version of the press conference confrontation between Shamrock & Frye. I've got a DVD master, so quality is perfect.)
Tom Erikson vs Tim Catalfo (Catalfo looks to be like 55 years old...) Wallid Ismael vs Alex Stiebling CARLOS NEWTON VS PELE (Great fight!) Heath Herring vs Igor Vovchanchyn (The first round here is as good as MMA gets) Antonio Noguiera vs Enson Inoue (another good fight) Vanderlei Silva vs Kiyoshi Tamura (Tamura's Pride debut) Ken Shamrock vs Don Frye (I've previously called this one a work, though I no longer agree with that assessment. Still, it's very odd that they fight the whole thing in stand-up...) Daijiro Matsui vs Rodrigo Gracie (Typical boring, do-nothing, Gracie fight followed by a typical dickhead Gracie move - releasing a rear-naked choke several seconds late. Must be something about the name that makes all of them except Renzo jerks.)