TAPE 446

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

UWF - 8/13/88 (HUGE show for the UWF as they run this in a baseball stadium with something like 45 or 50,000 fans in attendance. Good show too. The names on the shoot boxing matches are guesses, forgive me if they're inaccurate. I've got a DVD master, quality is EX!)
Katsumi Omura vs Lee (Shoot boxing) Makoto Ohe vs Miyake (kickboxing) Yuko Miyato vs Tatsuo Nakano (Nakano busts Miyato open with a vicious headbutt!) Yoji Anjoh vs Normal Smiley Nobuhiko Takada vs Kazuo Yamazaki (Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the rumors are true - Takada actually did job to Yamazaki! Interesting psychology here with Takada cheating multiple times throughout the match. Yamazaki scores the win BY PINFALL.) AKIRA MAEDA VS GERARD GOURDEAU, 8/13/88 (Wrestler vs Kickboxer - this is an incredibly stiff work. Great, great stuff, Maeda gets the crap kicked out of him!)