TAPE 448

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2.25 hrs (DVD)

ALL JAPAN SUMMER ACTION SERIES '93 - 7/28/93 (INCREDIBLY rare tape from 1993. You get a rare elimination tag and the rarely seen unedited version of the Destroyer's retirement match. Even better, I have a master, so quality is PERFECT!)
Fan Q&A with Giant Baba & Destroyer (Great stuff that runs 30-min, most of that with Destroyer, who speaks 95% of the time in English.) Masao Inoue vs ??? (JIP) Mark & Chris Youngblood vs Kendall Windham & Peter ??? (JIP) Rusher Kimura & Mighty Inoue vs Joel Deaton & Haruka Eigen (clips) Destroyer & Kurt Beyer vs Giant Baba & Mitsuo Momota (FULL match, unlike the TV broadcast. Great moment for Destroyer, this being his retirement match, as he works with his son Kurt.) Dynamite Kid & Johnny Smith vs Takao Omori & Satoru Asako (Clipped) Stan Hansen, Big Bossman, & Johnny Ace vs Steve Williams, Terry Gordy, & Richard Slinger (Clipped) MITSUHARU MISAWA, KENTA KOBASHI, JUN AKIYAMA, & TSUYOSHI KIKUCHI VS TOSHIAKI KAWADA, AKIRA TAUE, MASA FUCHI, & YOSHINARI OGAWA (Elimination Tag - Not quite the all-time classic that 4/18/92 is, but still really great. This one goes 54 minutes with tons of action. Get this tape for this match alone!)