TAPE 452

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 110 min (DVD)

PRIDE 1 - 10/11/97 (This is the historic first-ever Pride show. Good show, but it's obvious on watching this one, and Pride 2, that they still had a lot of kinks to work out - i.e. automatic draws when a fight goes the distance, no restarts for non-action, etc. A must-have for any NHB/MMA fan, this is the US version complete with English commentary. Also, unlike the Japanese version, all fights are complete. I've got a DVD master, so quality is perfect.)
Kazunari Murakama vs John Dixon Gary Goodridge vs Oleg Taktarov Renzo Gracie vs Akira Shoji Nathan Jones vs Koji Kitao (No wonder Kitao always wears a gi - he's FAT) Ralph White vs Branco Cikatic (Muay Thai kickboxing - Cikatic hits White with an illegal kick, raising a NASTY lump the size of an egg on his head.) Kimo vs Dan Severn Nobuhiko Takada vs Rickson Gracie (Takada makes his MMA debut and gets totally outclassed. He attempts basically no strikes, which is stupid since he's in with a grappler.)