TAPE 454

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 96 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 4/27/85 (More from this awesome season set of Worldwide. Quality on this one is really nice - VG/EX)
Manny Fernandez vs Tommy Lane Interview w/Jimmy Valiant, MACW, 4/85 (Valiant's "injured" so he uses a chalkboard to "talk") Jimmy Valiant getting injured, Worldwide, 4/20/85 Superstar Graham & Barbarian vs Gene Ligon & Rocky King (Jimmy Valiant runs in and attacks Paul Jones and then he gets triple-teamed with Superstar Graham chopping him in his throat repeatedly. Good god, I hated this feud and it was on TV every five frigging seconds in 1985.) Nikita Koloff vs Lee Ramsey Arn Anderson vs Mark Fleming Magnum TA vs Black Bart (Good match before Buddy Landel runs in)
NWA WORLDWIDE - 5/4/85 (More of the same as above - quality is VG/EX)
Magnum TA vs Doug Vines Jimmy Valiant attacking Paul Jones, MACW, 5/4/85 Barbarian vs Gene Ligon Ron Bass vs Rocky King (They've got Pat Tanaka in the ring before the match to shake hands with both guys. WTF? Why bring in a guy to be a jobber and then have him do stuff like that?) Don Kernodle vs Ben Alexander Ivan Koloff Announcing Nikita Koloff to challenge Ric Flair Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs Ron Rossi & Mark Fleming Dusty Rhodes vs Tully Blanchard, 4/28/85 (Last few min - Tully KOs Dusty with a loaded elbow pad and wins NWA World TV Title) Interview w/Tully Blanchard, 4/28/85 Interview w/Dusty Rhodes, 4/28/85