TAPE 455

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2.3 hrs (DVD)

INOKI BOM BA YE 2001 PPV - 12/31/01 (This is the PPV version of Inoki's second Bom Ba Ye show. Unlike the first, however, Inoki went for an almost all-shoot show, with less than stellar results. Plus several of the matches are heavily edited, yet there is lots of filler stuff thrown in too. Still, worth having, if only for Nagata getting KO'ed. I've got a master convert so quality is basically perfect.)
Nobuhiko Takada vs Mike Bernardo (This is maybe the worst shootfight of all-time. 3 rounds of the guys just dancing around, with almost no strikes. It's obvious from this fight that, for whatever reason, Takada is afraid to take a punch. Kind of odd from a guy who let Vader beat him up.) Masaaki Satake vs Sam Greco (2nd & 4th rounds not shown) Gary Goodridge vs Ebenezer Fontes Braga (clips) Tokimitsu Ishizawa vs Shingo Koyasu (clips) Antonio Inoki beats up some masked guy (remember where I talked about filler?) Antonio Inoki & Great Sasuke vs Giant Silva & Masked Guy Don Frye vs Cyril Abidi Yuji Nagata vs Mirko Crocop Filipovic (In one of the more disastrous booking ideas in recent memory, Nagata is booked in a legit shoot just 4 days before he is scheduled to headline the Tokyo Dome for New Japan. He gets KO'ed in just 20 seconds, leading to the Dome show having to be re-worked somewhat. To his credit, the ref may have stopped the fight a little early: Nagata gets drilled with a high kick that knocks him down, but he seems recovered while Crocop follows up with punches that basically miss. By the time the ref stops the fight, Nagata appears to have fully regained his senses, though he has not yet begun to defend himself.) Tadao Yasuda vs Jerome Le Banner Antonio Inoki slapping people (WEIRD! After the show, people line up and Inoki slaps them in the face! WTF?)