TAPE 456

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 3.8 hrs (2 DVD)

PRIDE 12 "COLD FURY" - 12/23/00 (Pretty solid show from the end of 2000. No real killer fights, but some fun ones. This is the US Commercial tape version, with all fights complete and English commentary and it includes fights not seen on the PPV. I've got a DVD master so quality is perfect.)
Alexander Otsuka vs Guy Mezger Akira Shoji vs Ricardo Almeida Enson Inoue vs Heath Herring Johil De Oliveira vs Carlos Newton Dan Henderson vs Vanderlei Silva Gilbert Yvel vs Kazayuki Fujita John Marsh vs Ricco Rodriguez Igor Vovchanchyn vs Mark Kerr (rematch from Pride 7 - Kerr works his "bore the guy into tapping out" style and the commentators rip on him for it, bashing him for being "afraid" to try anything and basically saying that a card full of fights in his style would drive fans away - AMEN. The best part? It goes into OT and Kerr gets dominated, so he loses.) Ryan Gracie vs Kazushi Sakuraba (Give Ryan credit - he fights with a torn bicep and does fairly well. But this being the Gracies, Renzo has to get on the house mic before the fight and let everybody know that Ryan is hurt and that if he loses, it's not his fault. Blech.)