TAPE 457

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2.75 hrs (2 DVD)

WCW GREAT AMERICAN BASH 2000 - 6/11/00 (Here we have a cluster of a tape that goes a long way to explaining how WCW went out of business. Every match is either a gimmick match or an overbooked nightmare - or both. Blech. I've got a master convert so quality is EX.)
Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Disco Inferno Mamalukes vs Kronik Mike Awesome vs Dallas Page (Ambulance Match - Kanyon turns on Page. WCW Logic: Have 2 gorgeous women - Stacy Keibler & Kimberly - run out and initiate a catfight, but have them fight to the back so the crowd SEES NOTHING.) Booker T vs Sean Stasiak (Boot Camp match) Shane Douglas vs The Wall (Table Match) Scott Steiner vs Tank Abbott & Rick Steiner (Asylum Match) Hulk Hogan vs Billy Kidman (Hogan must retire if he loses - yeah, right) Ric Flair vs David Flair (Proving he's still got at least some of "it", Ric carries his son to the best match on the card in another overbooked mess) Sting vs Vampiro (Human Torch Match - loser must be set on fire) Kevin Nash vs Jeff Jarrett (Featuring the ill-advised Goldberg heel turn)