TAPE 461

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.75 hrs (DVD)

PRIDE 18 "COLD FURY II" - 12/23/01 (Another excellent show from Pride. Plenty of action and several really good fights. This is the US PPV version, with English commentary. I've got a DVD master so quality is EX.)
Quinton Jackson vs Daijiro Matsui (Fight lasts about 10 seconds as Matsui gets hit with a "low blow" and is "unable to continue". I dunno, didn't look like he got hit in the groin at all, let alone bad enough to be unable to continue. Whatever, I wouldn't want to fight Jackson either!) Alex Steibling vs Allan Goes Murilo Ninja vs Alex Andrade Jan Nortje vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto Igor Vovchanchyn vs Valentijn Overeem (Igor with the heel hook!) Jeremy Horn vs Akira Shoji Vanderlei Silva vs Alexander Otsuka Semmy Schilt vs Yoshihiro Takayama