TAPE 471

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 100 min (DVD)

UWFI VS NEW JAPAN "TOTAL WAR PART 6" - 4/19/96 (As always with the UWFI/NJ shows, a really good show, but if you need to see one show that explains how UWFI got killed in their feud with New Japan, this is it. I've got a master convert, quality is perfect.)
Kiyoshi Tamura vs Billy Scott (Lots of really good matwork) Kazushi Sakuraba vs Tokimitsu Ishizawa Yoshihiro Takayama vs Tatsuhito Takaiwa Masahito Kakihara vs Yuji Nagata Naoki Sano & Tatsuo Nakano vs Yoji Anjoh & Kenichi Yamamoto (Exhibit #1: Anjoh & Yamamoto turn this UWFI-only match into a total comedy routine with interference and pro-style BS all through it. Just a total disgrace. Sano appears to be legit annoyed by their antics and just KILLS Yamamoto with a powerbomb to finish it. Nasty!) Nobuhiko Takada & Hiromitsu Kanehara vs Riki Choshu & Kensuke Sasaki (Exhibit #2: Here we have Takada's team jobbing in the main event of a UWFI-run show in a UWFI ring. Yeah, Takada himself doesn't job, but his team does. Terrible. He's the IWGP champ, his team should win here on his home turf. Question: Hey Riki & Kensuke, how come you're not no-selling uncooperative turds when Takada is around? Is that because he could legit kick your asses?!)