TAPE 473

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.75 hrs (DVD)

PRIDE 21 "DEMOLITION" - 6/23/02 (Disappointing by the high standards set by recent Pride events, but the main event is a definite keeper. This is the US comm. DVD of the show, so all commentary is in English. I've got a master, so quality is perfect.)
Bob Sapp vs Kiyoshi Tamura (uh, this was a bit of a mismatch) Gary Goodridge vs Ahrmed Labazanov Anderson Silva vs Alex Steibling Gilbert Yvel vs Jeremy Horn (For once, Yvel actually looks decent in a Pride ring) Renzo Gracie vs Shungo Ohyama (JIP, 1st rd not shown - if the multiple defeats at the hands of Sakuraba didn't destroy the "Gracie Myth", this fight sure does. Ohyama totally dominates and it's evident that Renzo has no answers. Clearly, the Gracies need to go back and update their technique if they wish to again be competitive in MMA.) Semmy Schilt vs Emelianenko Fedor (Impressive win by Fedor!) DON FRYE VS YOSHIHIRO TAKAYAMA (One of the all-time sadistic beatings you will ever see! Both guys just kick the tar out of each other with no defense at all. Takayama gets the worst of it and comes out looking like he'd been hit with a baseball bat - repeatedly. Truly a horrific beating, but an incredible fight that's a must-see.)