TAPE 475

Quality: GD/VG

Length: 2.5 hrs (DVD)

PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM - 2/18/84 (Loaded card from the early days of Hulkamania. HIGHLY unusual to see all three titles defended on the same show as you get here. All in all, a very fun show. Quality on this runs GD/VG, very easy to watch.)
Rene Goulet vs Brian Blair (20-min draw that goes 15 minutes) Jose Luis Rivera vs Steve Lombardi Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson vs Roddy Piper & Don Muraco (VERY rare title defense for Atlas & Johnson. They basically never defended the titles on TV against anybody of note. Even more incredibly, they go over clean.) Tony Garea & Eddie Gilbert vs Tiger Chung Lee & Mr. Fuji Hulk Hogan vs Masked Superstar (Hogan's 1st title defense; Before the match, they show the hallway prior to Hogan's entrance and accidentally catch Tiger Chung Lee in the hallway near Hogan, a horrible breach of kayfabe for the time. Lee throws a shirt over his face and quickly hides. The match itself is pretty good, but with a bad finish. Instead of having Hogan go over strong against Superstar, who is no longer a serious title threat, they have him win by DQ. Blech.) Sal Bellomo vs Butcher Vachon Sgt. Slaughter & David Schultz vs Andre the Giant & Jimmy Snuka (Slaughter is now a face at this point. Early in the match, he & Schultz work well as a team, double-teaming Snuka repeatedly. Then they mess up and Slaughter nails Schultz. Schultz then refuses to tag Slaughter and they end up brawling into a countout loss. Afterward, Slaughter shakes hands with Andre & Snuka.)