TAPE 479

Quality: EX

Length: 2.75 hrs (DVD)

ALL JAPAN/NEW JAPAN TV 6/89 - 8/89 (Oh wow, what a great tape! This is Bob Barnett's "K94-98" tape. Great tape, EX VQ! Get this!)
JUMBO TSURUTA VS GENICHIRO TENRYU, 6/5/89 (Tenryu wins Triple Crown) DOUG FURNAS & DAN KROFFAT VS TOSHIAKI KAWADA & RICKY FUYUKI, 6/5/89 (Fabulous match! Furnas & Kroffat win All-Asia Tag titles) Jushin Liger & Shiro Koshinaka vs Black Tiger & Biff Wellington, 6/22/89 (Clipped - ***1/2) STAN HANSEN & GENICHIRO TENRYU VS JUMBO TSURUTA & YOSHIAKI YATSU, 7/11/89 (Hansen & Tenryu win Double tag titles) JUSHIN LIGER VS NAOKI SANO, 7/13/89 (JIP - incredible match that is the first in their legendary series. Liger does a senton from the top rope to the floor! Incredible stuff, ****1/2) STAN HANSEN & GENICHIRO TENRYU VS JUMBO TSURUTA & KENTA KOBASHI, 7/13/89 (Hilarious moment when Hansen legit gets confused and drags Kobashi into Kobashi's own corner and then TAGS TSURUTA INTO THE MATCH! Tsuruta is more than happy to come in and pound on Hansen, of course!) Jushin Liger & Akira Nogami vs Naoki Sano & Kantaro Hoshino, 8/8/89 (JIP) JUSHIN LIGER VS NAOKI SANO, 8/10/89 (JIP - Liger wears FOOTBALL SHOULDER PADS for this for some reason. Sano wins IWGP jr title) Doug Furnas & Dan Kroffat vs Toshiaki Kawada & Ricky Fuyuki, 8/19/89 Naoki Sano vs Akira Nogami, 8/31/89 (JIP)