TAPE 486

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 65 min (DVD)

MONSTERS OF THE MAT VOL 6 (Another in the line of rare tapes put out in the 1980s featuring footage from Mid-South and the AWA. These matches are all from Houston, TX. I've got a master, so quality is perfect.)
Kamala vs Dave Petersen, 5/9/86 (Uh...a squash on a comm tape?) Rick Steiner vs Chavo Guerrero, 5/9/86 (Fun to see Steiner here, early in his career, jobbing to a Frankensteiner!) Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams vs Blade Runners, 5/23/86 Hacksaw Duggan vs Kortsia Korchenko, 5/9/86 Terry Taylor vs Butch Reed, 5/11/84 (JIP almost the whole match is here though)