TAPE 488

Quality: VG/EX (See Below)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

GEORGIA TV - 7/3/82 (INCREDIBLE find! Unbelievably historic TV that features the *WWF* and NWA World champs on Georgia TV at the same time! My copy is a 1st gen convert -Amazing! The quality is terrific, easily VG/EX, with only a couple of minor problems due to the age: a minor tracking flaw that comes and goes at the bottom and a usually-invisible color bar at the top. Neither really detracts from the tape. This is actually two full shows, both the morning & evening shows from 7/3/82, each 1 hr long.)
Samoans vs Mike Jackson & Randy Barber Paul Orndorff vs Paul Styles INTERVIEW W/RIC FLAIR & BOB BACKLUND (Historic interview that sees them hype their upcoming title vs title match at the Omni) Don Muraco vs Dale Veasey Tommy Rich vs Pete Martin Ole Anderson & Stan Hansen vs Tom Prichard & Joe Powell Mr. Wrestling II vs Chick Donovan Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy vs Pete Martin & Dale Veasey Samoans vs Rick Thor & Tony Gfinnicaro Don Muraco vs Randy Barber Brad Armstrong vs Chick Donovan (Good match - Brad could really go, even as a rookie) INTERVIEW W/RIC FLAIR & BOB BACKLUND (More hype, only this time they show match footage of each champ, with with each commenting on their own matches, listed below. Backlund disses Flair for never defending the NWA title at MSG and Flair disses Backlund's offer of a handshake. Historic stuff!) Ric Flair vs Mike Jackson (JIP) Bob Backlund vs Superstar Graham, MSG, 2/20/78 (Backlund wins WWF World title) Mike Jackson vs Tom Prichard (TV time runs out)