TAPE 503

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

BETA SUPER MIX VOL #2 (Another awesome compilation of stuff put together in 1984. This was converted from Beta masters to DVD. VQ is VG/EX or better throughout. Definitely a must-have for the old-school fan!)
Montreal Canadiens vs Quebec Nordiques, NHL (Part 2 of a wild, wild bench-clearing brawl from Good Friday. Stuff like this is what led the NHL to ban players from leaving the bench during a fight.) Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich, WCCW, 5/84 (1st two minutes - this is a non-title rematch with Kerry as NWA champ!) Interview w/Brad Armstrong, Georgia, 1984 Re: Ted Dibiase attacking Bob Armstrong Nick Bockwinkel vs Rick Martel, AWA, 4/15/84 (JIP - #1 Contenders match; some dumb booking here - they have Bockwinkel job clean, which is fine, but first they do a ref bump where Bockwinkel gets a phantom pin. What's the point of making the face - remember, he's the future WORLD CHAMP - look weak like that?!) Kerry Von Erich vs Michael Hayes, WCCW (Cage - JIP - Fritz Von Erich slams the cage door on Terry Gordy's head) Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich, WCCW, 8/15/82 (2/3 Falls - highlights) Freebirds "Badstreet USA" music video Freebirds vs Kevin, Mike & Fritz Von Erich, 5/6/84 (Badstreet match - Von Erichs win WCCW World 6-Man Title) Blackjack Mulligan & Lanza vs Abdullah the Butcher & Jerry Blackwell, AWA (JIP) Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich, WCCW, 5/6/84 (Awesome, complete copy of this match that also includes entrances. Kerry wins NWA World title.) Interview w/Kerry Von Erich, WCCW, 5/6/84 RE: Winning the NWA title Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich, WCCW, 5/84 (Conclusion of the above non-title rematch) Freddie Blassie clip, 1950's Interview w/Jerry Blackwell, AWA, 6/84 (Interview after the $100,000 Battle Royal below. Blackwell is a bloody mess and unable to talk.) Dusty Rhodes clips, Florida (some video problems here) Dusty Rhodes singing w/Willie Nelson (includes clips of Rhodes winning NWA title, 1981) $100,000 Battle Royal, AWA, 6/84 (JIP - Famous match where Jerry Blackwell turns face and gets attacked by Bruiser Brody, Abdullah the Butcher & Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissey who render him a bloody mess.) Interview w/Road Warriors, Georgia, 1984 Promo for 7/1/84 Omni card Jerry Oates vs Bob Brown, Georgia, 6/17/84 (from the Omni) Kamala vs Konga the Barbarian, Georgia, 6/17/84 (from the Omni - finish not shown)